Instructions for Non-MBA Registration

For Non-MBA Candidates: Students who are non-MBA candidates, who wish to take one of the Marketing Department graduate courses (6000, 7000 or 8000 level), can do so only if there is room in the course after the MBA Course Match is over and with permission from the course instructor (if he or she believes that the course is appropriate for the student).

Please be aware that because the MBA Course Match results are not determined until only a week or two before class starts, the “Current Enrollment” field in Path@Penn will not show any enrollments for most of the registration period. The MBA students do not use Path@Penn to register for MBA courses, the MBA Program manually enrolls the MBA students as a group once Course Match is over.

If you are interested in being considered for a seat in a course (in the event there are any still available after the MBA students are registered) please do the following:

  • Once registration opens for the term, Request Permission via Path@Penn at the “Add to Cart” stage of registration. It is not necessary to email the department or instructor.
  • In your Permission Request please include your academic program and a brief statement about why you want to take the course and/or your background or qualifications. This will help the instructor determine if you will be able to be successful in the course.
  • Read the information in the “Section Details” heading of the course listing in Path@Penn for any additional instructions relevant to that specific course section.

Once the MBA Program office lets the Marketing Department know if there are any available seats, the course instructor will review the requests, and ask the department's course coordinator to approve the permissions for the number of available seats. In addition to seeing the approval in you cart in Path@Penn, you will also receive an email notifying you that permission has been granted. You will have 48 hours to register for the course. If you fail to do so by then, the permission will be revoked and given to another student.

In the event there are no seats left after Course Match runs, the permission requests will be denied. You will not be notified if denied, so be sure to check your cart in Path@Penn.

Please note that for popular courses, there may be no seats available. It is recommended that you select a backup course in the event you do not get a seat.